startUPstaff supports young businesses recruit talent through the early phases of growth by providing free resources and a job board designed to meet the specific needs of startUPs. Complementing the free support, startUPstaff offers the opportunity to connect with seasoned professionals who can provide mentoring or consultancy for agreed fees without the need for agency involvement. This approach gives our clients certainty on cost and peace of mind that they are getting the best return on investment for their business.

Successful startUPs attract the best talent early

People are key and in young businesses engaging the best talent is not always prioritised.

Early stage growing businesses provide a challenge and their founders are exciting to work with.

Fake adverts waste time and destroy credibility.

Recruitment agencies are out there for a quick win and fee, they don’t focus on building long term relationships and understanding.

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    Catandra Working on behalf of a fast growing retail client.
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    StartUPStaff Fast growing retailer with 29 UK Stores.
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StartUPstaff is a free portal for startUPs and young businesses to attract the best talent. There is support and advice offered around the site within the ‘blog’ section which will grow with the site as client’s requirements evolve.


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StartUP Recruitment Blog and Articles

Relevant content to help startUPs through the recruitment process along with industry trends and news.


What Business are we in?

Might seem obvious but ask yourself and more importantly your clients some initial questions….. What is our biggest seller? What do our customers come to us for? What do we do better than anyone? If you don’t know the answer to these (which many businesses won’t) then it’s time to do some digging to understand

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What is our Business DNA

What is our Business DNA?

Reflecting on your business and the motivations around the boardroom is one step closer to identifying what underpins the business. Only through establishing your values and cultures can you shape the business to work around that. For example a parcels business whose core activity is moving packages driven by KPIs will breed a culture of

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Why are we in Business?

Business owners and directors are notoriously busy and don’t spare the time for self-reflection; instead they are busy running the business and firefighting. This means that as time goes on the rationale behind setting up the business is lost; it may have been a great new product idea, a hobby turned money making or simply

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